Rocky Handsome Review

Leading artist John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nishikant Kamat, Sharad Kelkar.
Director Nishikant Kamat
Music Direction: Sunny and Inder bawra bawra.
Star-half stars
Nishikant Kamat directed “Rocky Handsome came to South Korea in 2010’s” The Man from nowhere “is the Hindi remake. Ritesh Shah has its Hindikrn for Nishikant Kamat. He has Prishtrbhumi Goa. Drugs, child trafficking, organ trade and other crimes seem alluring Goa Hindi film directors. “Rocky Handsome throughout Goa is just the name. The sea and the philosophy of the litigants are not. The whole day and there does not seem to Chase. Yes, the story of the characters names Konkan and Goa has Govan. Goa does not work in all other business.


However, this is the story of Rocky. Pawn shop he runs in Goa. Her seven-eight year old kid in the neighborhood is named Navomi. Rocky has no idea of ​​her past or present. He is good Lgta. He got along with Rocky. Calls him handsome. Navomi mother’s drug addicts. Thus the story goes that some involved in drug traffic and criminal organ trade of Navomi kidnap. Others remain unaffected Rocky Handsome reactor is silent. He is looking for the child survives. In search of the criminals reaches the bases. He also encounters. Gives the police. Kevin Pereira is his last fight. In between, he Kutta and kills criminals in cold blood. He would not hesitate to kill him.
“Rocky Handsome Akshsn film. Akshrn the emotional relationship between Rocky and has resorted Navomi. The writer-director of Hindi films, the intensity of that relationship could not have known how. As a result, the film seems to be a lack of emotion. “Rocky Handsome, given that the Japanese and South Korean Indianising violent action movies and when we put the Indians should put emotional experiences. Visits do not relate only to action. Nishikant Kamat framework of action films of Hindi films have not used, but the way the theme of South Korean films have not even planted on the ground.
We are familiar with John Abraham’s strengths and limitations. They were sprinting is Nishikant Kamat. He gave John the lowest dialogue, but the characters are boring to the point of gibberish. John Abraham’s speed and agility in action sequences is worth a look. The action hero of Hindi movies like they do not see too happy to kill enemies. For them it is a regular mechanical work. Navomi to reach them is not averse to any form of violence.
Kevin Pereira’s role in the film are director Nishikant Kamat. His acting and eighth-ninth decade of the last century in Marinism glimpse of baddies. Kulbhushan Kharbanda together in their style, Amrish Puri and reflects Ajit. Thus the film’s script and the structure is the same as the old movies. As a result, the newness of action that emerged from the previous films in the format would not have come. Yet action, action and violence on screen hooked viewers will like the movie.
Love and Emotion in every movie viewer who wants to be disappointed. Nishikant Kamat and John in a new attempt is of course equal in cooperation.